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THUMPday Playlist: Skream, Amtrac, Hank Jackson, and More!

THUMP helps you get through the hump of the week with a fresh set of the hottest new tunes.
August 28, 2014, 2:29am

Skream: "Let It Go."
Someone will play this at Burning Man when the sun rises and everyone will be feeling nice. Well done Olly. -David Garber (@dlgarber)

Amtrac: "Those Days" [Toolroom Records]
This is the perfect nostalgic, end of summer anthem. - Olyvia Salyer (@thethreewise)

Eden xo: "Too Cool To Dance" (Wax Motif Remix)
Tchami is so good that even ripoffs of Tchami are excellent! I actually mean that, as well. -Jemayel Khawaja (@JemayelK)

Subscape: "I Would Have Loved You" (Awe Remix)
One of the UK's most exciting producers meets one of the US's -- The result is some shuffly, artsy, and actually relevant dubstep! -Jemayel Khawaja

Hank Jackson: "Mongoos" [Proibito]
Also known as "not a banger really.wav" -Elissa Stolman

Surgeon: "Fixed Action Pattern" [Token]
Surgeon's debut on Belgian label Token is an electrifying ripper of hypnotic, mid-fi techno—a reassurance that even after 20 years sees the Englishman adapt to new contexts easily.  -Gabriel Herrera (@gabrielherrera)

Darren Keen: "Higher (VIP DJ Earl TEKLIFE Remix)" [Them Flavors]
DJ Earl adds juke flourishes to a track from Omaha, NE producer Darren Keen's latest split EP with Machine Girl. The rolling bass makes me want to stand up and lift tiny weights very quickly for a long time. -Gabriel Herrera

Redinho: "Get You Off My Mind (feat. Brendan Reilly)" [Numbers]
Somehow manages to make a vocoder and funky licks sound fresh again. -Michelle Lhooq (@MichelleLhooq)

The Friend: "Bleed" [Local Heat] Seriously, don't do it. -Joel Fowler (@freemagic)

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