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Apple Made a 3D Touch Table to Explain the Feature to Confused Users

The table ripples in response to pressure on the phone's screen.

by Yiwei Tian
Oct 23 2015, 9:00am

You've probably heard of, or have even started using, Apple's 3D Touch feature: the pressure-sensitive function that can be used to trigger different actions, such as Peek (light pressure) and Pop (firmer pressure), which enable you to, for example, preview a website and then open it in Safari, respectively.

The feature is maybe not as intuitive as some other aspects of the iPhone, however. These full-size 3D Touch tables in Apple's Fifth Ave. store in New York and 1 Stockton St. San Francisco stores may help, however.

The table looks like many other Apple displays: it's about waist height, with two lines of iPhones facing up. The surface, however, is a screen, and the iPhones appear to be attached to the tabletop. Press down on the iPhone screen, and you'll see ripples appear on the table. You can even interact with a fish that swims in and out of the iPhone screen.

These are the only two 3D Touch tables in the world, according to an Apple employee who spoke to the Grate App YouTube channel.