There's a Good Chance You Won't Get Local TV Networks on Hulu Live TV

Hulu's new streaming television services ticks plenty of boxes out of the gate, but live local channels may still prove elusive for some users.

Chris Brantner

People have been talking about Hulu's live TV service for months. How many channels will it offer? What will the deal be with local content? How much will it cost? All those questions have been answered with the beta launch of live TV on Hulu.

The service includes about 50 live channels plus the Hulu on-demand content you're already used to for $39.99 per month. As with the the traditional Hulu service, you can pay a bit more for no commercials on content in the on-demand library. It also comes with a cloud-based DVR, which allows you to record 50-hours of live TV (you can add extra storage for an additional $15 per month).

All that sounds good, but as with other services, it's not perfect. Live service isn't available on all devices yet. For instance, it will work on Xbox One, Apple TV (4th gen), Chromecast, and mobile devices, but Amazon Fire devices and Roku do not yet have the available support.

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