Chef's Night Out: Robert Bohr of Charlie Bird

"Unicorn wine," pizza, and fried chicken are just the beginning when we tag along for a night out with Robert Bohr and his crew of sommelier friends.

by Robert Bohr
Sep 17 2015, 11:00am

We tagged along for a night out with Robert Bohr and some of his buddies to see what a group of sommeliers eat and drink on a night out.

While working in his way through law school in restaurants, the dean of Bohr's program took notice of his passion for working with wine and the service industry and advised him to quit school and pursue what he really loved. Fast-forward some years later and a few stints as a sommelier at some of New York City's finest restaurants, and Mr. Bohr now runs his own restaurant—Charlie Bird—in SoHo and is one of the most well-respected figures in the wine world.

The first stop was NoMad in the Flatiron for some decadent food to match an impressive wine list. For the occasion, Thomas Pastuzak, wine director at NoMad and good friend of Robert, broke out what Mr. Bohr refers to as the "Unicorn Wine."

We then head to Brooklyn to meet up with Daniel Kessler at his restaurant Bergen Hill for crudo, cocktails, and white wine. Daniel joins as the guys head around the corner for pizza at Lucali and wine from Robert's secret stash that owner Mark Iacono let's him keep there. (Mark drives a beautiful classic Cadillac convertible, so naturally, they decide to drive back to Charlie Bird for the final meal of the evening.)

Back at Charlie Bird, head chef Ryan Hardy is hard at work cooking up a feast of Tuscan fried chicken, tortellini, and oysters. To accompany the meal, Robert caps the night by pouring some of his favorite off-menu wines for his favorite people.