Selfies by Seven Multimedia Artists

Seven multimedia artists revitalize self-portraiture in this special feature from 'The Future of Tech Issue.'

by The Creators Project
Feb 10 2017, 4:33pm
This article appeared in the February Issue of VICE magazine. Click HERE to subscribe.

We were honored to collaborate on the "The Future of Tech" Issue for  VICE Magazine alongside our colleagues  Waypoint and  Motherboard. The issue investigated how tech affects our lives, from an essay on sex in virtual reality to conversations with a slew of professionals on how we can make technology work better for all of us. For our contribution, The Creators Project selected seven multimedia artists whose work uses technology as a canvas or explores larger notions of modern security and identity. Many of these artists pour themselves into creating 3D worlds or robotic personas, so we asked them to submit self-portraits that honor their creative identities. See likenesses that reveal the wondrous, wild, and computed facets of a few of our favorite artists below.

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