An Extremely In-Depth Instagram Report on DJ Khaled's "I'm The One" Hangout

DJ Khaled and his infant baby executive producer son weren't just chilling out with Chance, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, and Quavo.

Apr 30 2017, 7:26pm

I'm a fan of random pairings. Example: I ate turkey sausage today with a banana. Now, at first glance that might just mean I'm into phallic symbols for breakfast, and while that may be true, it's still hella random. Which is to say that when I saw Justin Bieber at DJ Khaled's house, it felt like turkey sausage and a banana, but it still seemed like a suitable breakfast. In my sad little mind I just assumed they were pals and Khaled was having just a big party with his friends Bieber, Weezy, Chance, and Quavo. Like, no big deal, right? That's a fun enough party. Granted, it kind of looks like a hip-hop message board meeting from the late '90s, but whatever, I'm into it. Well, we learned there was more to it, and it was for Khaled's new single "I'm The One." Let's backtrack. Okay, remember when Bieber took that pregnant pause from Instagram? That was really upsetting, but he bounced back and got some new glasses.

So Biebs dropped the real gem back on February 27th, with this Instagram post right here. He was obviously alluding to the upcoming collaboration with Khaled. The best part though? Seeing all of the Beliebers now commenting: "I GET IT NOW!" How far back do you all scroll without being paid to do it like I am, guys?

So then he posted a pic of him and all of his new friends. Everyone else is pointing to the sky, while Biebs and Chance are like, "Bish, where?"

In the interim, he celebrated 23 like a big boy.

Khaled showed love, before getting all wrapped up in those damn Drake vocals.

I really don't know why he kept posting random pictures of Bieber though.

Asahd got in on the action, because #ExecutiveProducer.

Quavo dropped some hints that this wasn't just a random hang. I should've known better.

See? Nobody casually does the Birdman hand rub without being filmed. I wonder if Wayne felt a way about Bieber's hand gesture? He's not in the picture so maybe Biebs did it while he wasn't looking.

So then a week ago, Khaled told us all to "be patient."

The he dropped this interesting looking/sounding post.

Of course he made it like a movie.

More GIF teasers of Asahd floating in a tracksuit.

As Khaled says, #AnotherOne. At this point it's like "Ay yo Juan, did the video come in yet?"

Another trailer. Khaled tells us to "get some rest."

This one was dedicated to Bieber blessing Asahd with the promise that he will grow up to be a king. Biebs also has his shirt off a lot so I'm on board.

Bieber got first credit mention after Asahd and his dad. Wow.

Here Biebs returns WITH HIS GLASSES and sings a little teaser via FaceTime.

Khaled makes sure to mention Justin Bieber before taking his first bite of popcorn. He must really love him, because I wouldn't do that. So then at long last the video comes. In true DJ Khaled fashion, he utilized the entire social media landscape and posts this thing in IG snippets. Here, have them ALL.

If you've gotten this far it means you've watched the whole video, loved the song, and helped to make it #1 already. No? Forget you then. At least we know now what Bieber was doing hanging around the hardest worker in show business (Asahd Khaled). 

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