Augmented Reality Finally Realizes Its Potential With Angry Birds AR

<p>Sadly, it&#8217;s just a demo and not due for release. But it&#8217;s still pretty cool.</p>

Sep 27 2012, 1:01pm

Angry Birds AR from PendAR on Vimeo.

Forget about Google’s Project Glass, forget about a future where we have Terminator vision, because the best invention yet for AR has been revealed: Angry Birds AR. That’s it people, we have hit the zenith of this technology so everyone can stop what they’re doing and go home.

Iran-based PendAR have created this pinnacle of human achievement to showcase their markerless AR technology, which in this video reads an Angry Birds poster to make it look like you’re playing the game in 3D on top of a table.

But before we all get too excited, this is just a demo from PendAR and isn’t due for an official release anytime soon. So boohoo for us. But maybe if we all harass Rovio enough that could change.

[via The Verge]


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