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Every Action Movie Trailer Sounds Like a Thousand Computers Powering Down

The whirring shut-down noise takes the throne from the previously ubiquitous "BBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!"

by Kari Paul
May 28 2015, 7:50pm

Have you noticed that nearly every recent action movie trailer includes the same dramatic sound—one that can only be described as the combination of a thousand computer servers shutting down?

One YouTube user has compiled clips from nearly a dozen action movie trailers, from The Avengers and Fast & Furious to Hercules and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, to prove it. Taking the throne from the previously ubiquitous "BBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!" popularized in part by the movie Inception, the powering down effect is the new way to add drama to any scene (though more difficult to write out into text).

So the next time you are sitting through trailers before a movie and think, "Haven't I heard that sound before?" just know you're probably right