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Here's How to Make Action Bronson's Incredible Rib-Eye Sandwich

We've got the recipe for Mr. Wonderful's butcher sandwich with steak, ricotta salata, basil, Calabrian chile paste, and a magical secret ingredient.

by Munchies Staff
Oct 29 2016, 12:00am

Look, you're gonna get drunk this weekend. We know it, you know it, your boss knows it, your mom knows it, that cop over there knows it, and we're all OK with it.

You're going to need some really, really satisfying food for before, during, and after.

You know who knows a thing or two about the joys of unwinding? Action Bronson. And you know what else is in his wheelhouse? Decadent and delicious food. And that's how we come to this sandwich creation.

While a typical butcher's sandwich tends to be a simple composition of meat on bread with very little garnish, this version is as over-the-top as the man showing you how to make it. First, we start with some good Italian bread, a juicy rib-eye, and high-quality olive oil. The second layer of this beast consists of ricotta salata and Calabrian chiles, and as if that weren't enough, a smear of grape must from the 1989 vintage of Paolo Bea Winery's top red wine finishes the whole thing off.

RECIPE: Butcher Sandwich

Aside from the grape must, you can totally make this happen for yourself tonight. Hit the grocery store and go make just one someone happy: yourself.