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The Best Kitchen Gear Gifts of 2016

Everyone needs to start with the basics, but so many basics are just plain basic. These are the kitchen essentials that absolutely anyone would want.

by Munchies Staff
Nov 21 2016, 11:00pm

'Tis the season to give and get gifts. But why stick to stale candy canes stuck in a stained mug that says "World's #2 Dad" when you could get something that, well,
suck? To wit, we here at MUNCHIES have tirelessly racked our greasy brains to compile the best food-related gifts on planet Earth, and quite possibly the universe. Behold, The MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide.


Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker

Canadian chef and Dead Set on Life host Matty Matheson swears by this countertop espresso maker. "This is the perfect mid range gift for you or someone you like spending mornings with." ($600)

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Waring Turkey Fryer

"I want this so bad! I can't imagine what you can get into with this. I want to deep fry rotisserie duck, goose, prime rib, anything in this thing! It's sick!" ($200)

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SoG Pentagon Elite II

In Matty's world, "Everyone needs a good day-to-day jackknife." This is the one you need. (TK PRICE)

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Nenox Chef's Knife

You really can't go wrong with this lightweight chef knife—it's "the real good good." ($535)

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Lodge Cast Iron Pan

"If you don't have a cast iron pan, you are fucking everything up. Start the tradition and pass this one down to the next generation." ($37)

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Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

"You always need a great spoon, and this is the only spoon you'll ever need. The grey Kunz is that first love you'll never forget, and you'll get to keep it forever and it won't ruin your life." ($12)

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Trees Knees Maple Trio Gift Set

At the risk of being a walking Canadian stereotype, Matty digs this trio of flavored maple syrups from Brooklyn. ($50)

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Magisso's Cooling Ceramics

Farideh Sadeghin, MUNCHIES' culinary director, loves these chalk-able ceramic buckets for keeping cold shit cold. ($22-110)

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Magnetic Bottle Opener

Not only does will this bottle opener look sexy as hell on a fridge, it also serves as entertainment—the wood has super-strong magnets that you can collect bottle caps on. ($49)

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Le Creuset Mini Cocottes

So damn cute. Perfect for holding salt. And making teeny, tiny pot roasts. ($50)

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Mini Angled Measuring Cup

Speaking of adorable small things—this miniature measuring cup is the perfect functional-meets-charming stocking stuffer. ($5)

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Monogrammed Steak Brand And Carving Board

Because you made these steaks, and don't let anyone forget it. ($70)

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Offset Spatulas

A necessity for the pastry aficionado in your life—a good offset spatula is a game-changer when it comes to frosting cakes and decorating cookies. ($13-14)

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Korin Knives

If you're fresh out of gift ideas, you can't go wrong with a beautiful Japanese knife. Ten out of ten creepy clowns agree. (Various prices)

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Anova Immersion Circulator

The Anova Precision Cooker is one of the more reasonably priced immersion circulators, and it does its job well. Time to sous-vide everything. ($120)

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Japanese Sharpening Stones

If you're gonna invest in a nice knife, you've gotta be ready to take sharpening seriously. For the knife-obsessed, these whetstones are the gift to end all gifts. ($280)

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Dexter Russell Carbon Steel Cleaver

According to Josh Grinker, the chef and co-owner of King's County Imperial, this is "the best kitchen tool known to man. It's a razor sharp knife, a spatula, a tenderizer, among other uses. I had one knife, this would be the one." ($34)

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MAC Bread Knife

Slicing bread with this mega-sharp and ergonomic knife is, well, the best thing since sliced bread. ($85)

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