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Stream a Farewell Mix from Jorge Cruz of TRAX Records

The mix features music Cruz curated, produced or signed to TRAX Records.

by Britt Julious
Oct 9 2016, 2:56pm

Photo courtesy of Jorge Cruz.

Jorge Cruz, the former Creative Director and label manager of TRAX Records, has dropped an exclusive mixtape featuring music Cruz signed, curated or produced within the last eight years at the label.

"It's been a great run, a beautiful time, but as the peaches and the berries know -- when it's time to take a bow, it's time," Cruz said in a statement about their departure and the mixtape. "I wanted to honor some of my babies, some of the gems I dusted off, and some of the future."

Last month, Cruz spoke with THUMP about their legacy at TRAX and why it is important to reclaim dance music for the marginalized. Stream "Jorge's Farewell Tape" below.

"Jorge's Farewell Tape" tracklist:

  1. Screamin' Rachael and Marshall Jefferson - "Joy (Jorge's NyQuil Edit)"
  2. James "Jack Rabbit" Martin - "Let Us Have Love (Step By Step)" (Club Mix ft. Pam White)
  3. Carmelo Carone - "Chicago" (Original Mix)
  4. Sweet D - "Do Do It"
  5. Less Hate and Inner Rebels - "Do It" (ft. Veselina Polova)
  6. Sir Nenis - "The Flow" (Top Billin Classic Mix)
  7. Screamin' Rachael - "Gina (XXX)" (Inner Rebels & Less Hate Remix)
  8. Screamin' Rachael - "The British Are Coming" (Carmelo Carone's Two Timing 8-bit Remix)
  9. Lymuel Rock Ivestor - "Happy Dance"