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You Can Control the New Novation Launchpad From Your Browser

Now you can finally make some chill-trap on your lunch break.

by Angus Harrison
Mar 29 2016, 2:20pm

Another day, another online opportunity to escape the shackles of your desk job and free your hitherto hampered creative spirit. This time the virtual studio space comes courtesy of Novation who have developed an online version of their Launchpad. The browser-based console allows you to play around with samples made by producer Harry Coade using your QWERTY keyboard, bringing pre-made loops in and out of the mix with the hit of a key. Is it worth a go? Well put it this way, we've only been playing with it for about ten minutes and we've already been signed by a major-independent label. Check it out for yourself here and make some chill-trap on your lunch break.