Journey to the Unknown

UTTU's freaky found-footage vids are making us feel funny.

Jun 22 2013, 12:00am

Since 2011, you may have been seeing this mysterious name UTTU cropping up around the World Wide Websicle. It sounds likea small mystical town in India or a type of coding language but actually it's an acronym for Unknown to the Unknown. UTTU once was an alias of DJ HAUS (aka Hot City), but he eventually turned it into the name of the mysterious label he runs that releases cutting-edge bassline, house, techno and grime from the likes of Sinden, Matrixxmann, Dj Q, and Legowelt.

That's rad and all but that's not why we're here. We're here because UTTU's YouTube is full of kooky and mind-altering found-footage videos that are way cheaper than Bitcoin pharmaceuticals. Actually, they're free. We've spent countless hours on their channel burning our retinas until they look like Craisins. Is it Internet 0.5 or Internet 6.66? Not really sure, but here are some of our favorites. Do yourself a favor and stay on the edge of insanity by bookmarking Da Autopsy.

Capracara - "Ronin" (aka "perfectly on beat aerobics acid trip")

Legowelt - "Star Gazing" (aka "a trek to the future")

Logos - "Devils (Palace Remix)" (the video is almost as good as the song itself)

We couldn't decide which DJ Q video we loved the most so we chose three:

DJ Q - "More than You" (LOL what?)

DJ Q - "All Junglist" (Sigh. Memories.)

Dj Q Presents Classified "Say to You" (booyakasha)

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