​Hackman's 'Semibreves' EP Takes UK Funky Stateside

Therein creating the genre of US Funky.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Apr 24 2015, 4:23pm

UK's Ben Hackman has an uncanny knack for quietly popping up on THUMP around the world. Our Canadian counterparts premiered his smooth and succulent "Carry On" last year, while our UK edition dropped an all-house mix from the producer in January. Now we've got the exclusive stream on the entirety of Hackman's Semibreves EP, to be released on LA label Halocyan on April 27.

The EP finds Hackman going full-circle of sorts. The tunes from this release were written almost five years ago, when the producer was on a totally different aesthetic tip, favoring UK funky styles over the deeper house tones that popped up on THUMP recently. "I would say this EP would have fit better within my catalogue back around 2011," Hackman tells THUMP. "That's when the tracks were originally written and signed to Halocyan, but I'm at the point now where I'm starting to write a bit harder, more dance floor driven music, so this EP is a good base to build from for this."

"I was approached by Halocyan," Hackman goes on. "I wouldn't turn down the chance to release on an American label, particularly one with such great momentum behind it. They've sorted some big remixes, and the laser etched vinyl, and the vinyl cover look amazing!"

The remixes on the EP are by Bulgarian live techno maestro KiNK and Timo Maas. "They both did an excellent job of turning the tracks into more club ready versions, compared to the deeper originals. I'm really happy with what they both came up with."

Hackman is on Facebook // SoundCloud