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TomorrowWorld Appears To Have Issued a Full Refund To Some Fans

Some fans report they've been reimbursed in full.

by Ezra Marcus
Oct 17 2015, 10:20pm

Last month, we reported on the epic disaster that befell TomorrowWorld Festival attendees after several days of rain turned the grounds into a sea of mud. Transportation was shut down, and many fans walked for miles or spent hundreds of dollars on surge-priced Ubers. Initially, TomorrowWorld promised to repay fans one third of their ticket price, after canceling events on Sunday for anyone who wasn't camping at the site. Now, some fans are reporting that TomorrowWorld has refunded their ticket costs in full. YourEDM shared a screenshot from the TomorrowWorld Facebook group group of an individual named Riyaz, who posted a picture of their bank account showing a full refund.

TomorrowWorld has yet to issue a statement on what their refund policy will be going forward. Issuing full refunds, though costly, is sure to help them win back some of the goodwill that the festival fiasco cost.

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