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Jimmy Edgar's "Hot Inside" Video [Exclusive Premiere]

A first look at the magickal new video from the "freak magnet" of techno.

by THUMP Staff
Jun 11 2013, 2:09am

Jimmy Edgar is starting his own dance revolution and it there's definitely no "drop." Following releases on many quality labels — including !K7, Hotflush and Warp — the self-professed "prophet" and "freak magnet" has started his own label called Ultramajic with his JETS partner in crime Travis Stewart (aka Machinedrum). The two have been friends forever and have worked together for years so this makes perfect sense (as does the Dungeons & Dragons-esque label name). Jimmy loves him some sexy themes, so not surprisingly the label's first EP, which is out today, is called Hot Inside. The title track's diva vocals will take you back in time, while this super-sick animated video will take you to the future ... as envisioned in the '90s.