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The Weeknd's "Starboy" Mashed Up with the 'Stranger Things' Theme Song Proves 80s Nostalgia Isn't Dead

The chart-topping Canadian singer even called it "dope as fuck."

by THUMP Canada Staff
Feb 8 2017, 11:30pm

Screenshot from The Weeknd's "Starboy" music video.

What happens when you combine one of last year's biggest hit singles with music from one of 2016's most talked about new shows? California's Flipboitamidles has answered that question with a mashup of the Weeknd's Daft Punk-assisted chart-topping anthem "Starboy," and S U R V I V E's Stranger Things frequently covered theme song.

Given the Canadian singer's affinity for the 80s—he's referenced Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, and others as influences in past interviews—the pairing of his vocals and the moody synth instrumental works unexpectedly well. The mashup even got a Twitter shout out from Abel Tesfaye himself, who called it "dope as fuck."

In related news, the Weeknd and Daft Punk will perform the song at the Grammys this weekend, and a typically obtuse trailer for the second season of Stranger Things dropped during the Super Bowl.

Listen to the mashup below and revisit our 2016 interview with S U R V I V E here.

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