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Bicep, Palms Trax and I:Cube Feature in Our Favourite Plays of the Week

Also featuring Jam City, Andy Blake and Sherwood & Pinch.

by Angus Harrison
Nov 25 2016, 4:56pm

It's Friday again! You made it! Now, grab yourself a cold can of Lilt, a big bag of cashews, and pull your chair up nice and close. These are the seven best bits of music that dropped on the internet this week. Firstly, and immediately failing the brief, there's a new track from Pinch and Sherwood that's actually closer to two weeks—but they have just announced a new album so I'm sure you'll let us off. There's also a raucous offering from two-thirds of DFA signed Black Dice, working as Spiked Punch, alongside a floating instrumental from Jam City. Then, it's mix season, with huge, weekend ready sessions from Bicep, Palms Trax, I:Cube and finally Andy Blake and Joel Kane on Balamii. Enjoy your weekend, don't do anything we wouldn't do, you cheeky bugger!

1. Sherwood & Pinch - Retribution

2. Spiked Punch - Guinea Pig

3. Jam City - Air (Instrumental)

4. Bicep - Synthol Hit: Part II

5. Trushmix 96: I:Cube

6. Palms Trax - Dekmantel 2016

7. World Unknown with Andy Blake & Joel Kane - Balamii

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