Tiga's Teamed up with Jasper James for One of the Sharpest Records of the Year

James' thudding take on "Eye Luv U" is the best Scottish-Canadian partnership since....well....ever.

Feb 7 2017, 4:12pm

What happens when you cross a diminutive Canadian electro-legend with one of the UK's most up-and-coming, chain-loving selectors? A really, really good, super stripped-back club-ready rocket that's set to turn the entire world's decent dancefloors into a state of absolute and unerring frenzy, the likes of which the planet's not seen for decades.

If you want to experience that for yourself then, boy are you in luck. We've got the world exclusive first play of Jasper James' absolutely stonking rejig of "Eye Luv U" by Tiga and you'll definitely be wanting to get your hands on it ASAP because it's going to do some serious damage in the coming weeks and, obviously, staying ahead of the curb is the most important thing about music, right?

Jasper James himself had this to say about his solid-as-a-rock remix:

"My plan for the remix was to keep it simple and strip the track right back. I wanted to experiment making more of a driving techno track. For the remix I was lucky enough to borrow my mates 909, I just played around till I found a groove that worked over Tiga's original production. Hope you enjoy as much as I did making this."

Jasper mate, we enjoyed it a lot, and we're 100% sure the loyal THUMP readership are gonna be salivating all over their keyboards/phones/laps the second they hit play.

The Jasper James mix is available on February 24th via Tiga's very own Turbo Recordings. Pre-order it here.
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