A Deep Dive into Katy Perry’s 2007 Myspace Page

What is Katy Perry if not a designer brand-wearing roller skater taking pictures of her cat in corn rows?

by Emma Garland
Jan 10 2017, 3:18pm

A decade ago, this thing called The Year 2007 happened. It landed upon us like an anvil on a cartoon villain, crushing and rebirthing us all under the weight of celebrity meltdowns, nu rave and the most atrocious vest and leggings combinations since 80s workout videos. It was also the year of global financial crisis which meant that, for young people especially, nothing mattered anymore. Setting aside the now useless degree in humanities you spent six years of high school preparing for, you got a job working 72 hours a week in a pub, and your mum considered it an achievement that you were making enough to pay rent, subsist on ramen, and not have to move home. Expectations had never been lower, which may account for the fact that international thirst monster Calvin Harris was allowed to happen, Mika's  Life in Cartoon Motion ended up being the fifth best-selling album in the world, and Katy Perry made her major label debut in the form of "Ur So Gay," which somehow did not result in a Robin Thicke-style descent into obscurity.

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