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Narcissism! Shame! A Music Video!

Watch the Mica Levi directed video for Shame's "Gold Hole"

by Noisey Staff
Dec 13 2016, 2:46pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Between Johnny Rocket and everyone on Instagram there are a lot of narcissists around. Clean, angular looking men and women, sharing pictures of their breakfasts, pouting into the distance, demanding you love them more than they love themselves. These cunts have infiltrated every aspect of life.

The latest of these narcissistic beings takes the lead role of protagonist in Shame's new video "Gold Hole". "It's about how being a narcissist can mess up a song, the pretty evil face of something killing the content of its parts," says Mica Levi, the director of the video, known to you and I as Micachu. It's also "taking the piss out of every element of a traditional music video," say the band.

For those perhaps unaware, Shame are a group of five nineteen year olds. Musically, they sound like a blend of all the raw, exciting, bold guitar bands of yore. At this point we could mention the names of all these bands, but you should just go ahead and press play on the video below and figure them out for yourself.

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