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Equiknoxx Ring in 4/20 With the “Biggest Bumboclaat Spliff” You've Ever Seen

"B.B.S" is the latest offering from the futuristic dancehall masters.

by Rachel Kraus
Apr 20 2017, 9:40pm

Photo by Balraj Samrai

To honor today's highest of holidays, Jamaican riddim experts Equiknoxx have blessed us with a new track. Produced by Kingston's Gavsborg—a co-founder of the group, which also includes Time Cow, Bobby Blackbird, Shanique Marie and Kemikal Splash—with vocals from Shokryme and Rtkal, "B.B.S" (short for "Biggest Bumboclaat Spliff") is in keeping with the island's grand tradition of 4/20-friendly anthems. Gavsborg displays a light touch with the drums, while the song's futurist dancehall melodies and fleet-footed vocalists take you away in a gentle cloud of smoke. 

Over email, Gavsborg explained that the song emerged from the spirit of collaboration. "B.B.S started out as a way to get both artistes collaborating with each other naturally. I knew what their common interests were, so I just put it into focus," he wrote.

The artists have also debuted a smokey video for the song, which takes place in the streets of Jamaica. It's directed by Gareth Cobran and is shot in black and white with one exception: the only item in color is, you guessed it, green.

"B.B.S." will feature on upcoming EPs by both Rtkal and Shokryme, titled Herbs and Praise and Bandana respectively, both presented by Equiknoxx and both out on April 28. Check out the video below.