Texas Sports Anchor Dale Hansen Shames the Shit out of Cowboys for Signing Greg Hardy

Texas sports anchor Dale Hansen goes all-in on the Cowboy's signing of Greg Hardy and slams the coach, owner, and fans.

Mar 19 2015, 2:23pm

Greg Hardy—who missed all of last season because he nearly beat the life out his girlfriend, scaring her so much she testified that when he loosened his grip around her throat she said, "Do it. Kill me"—has a new one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys that could be worth up $13.1 million. It's what a dipshit CBS columnist would call a "show-me contract," and it's what WFAA-TV anchor Dale Hansen calls a disgrace.

Hansen goes all in on the Cowboys, including the owner, the fans, the coach, and the coach's father who was a former scout. Hansen covers the signing from all angles—including Charlotte Jones Anderson's role with the club (apart from being Jerry's daughter) and the league's player conduct committee, formed in the wake of Ray Rice's own domestic violence case—but the most compelling part is the hypocrisy. It's not just the Cowboys, either, it's all teams and the league. Every team talks about how they want high-character guys in the building because it's an honor to wear the uniform etc. But some team, somewhere will always sign a no-character guy if he fills a need. Now it's the Cowboys turn.