The Lights Went Out on the Oregon at USC Game

Nope, unfortunately no one shot the lights out.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 5 2016, 10:56pm

Lights out at Galen. Oh man. We'll keep you updated on the status!
— Pac-12 Networks (@Pac12Networks) March 5, 2016

It'd be pretty dope if someone literally shot the lights out in today's game between USC and Oregon, but unfortunately, no, they just went out on their own, mid-dribble. USC must've undergone something of an energy blip, because Galen Center in LA went pitch black in the middle of the game.

Pac 12's pre-existent #Pac12afterdark hashtag not withstanding, this kind of stuff has happened before:

It being Southern California, everyone was already on their cell phones the entire time anyway, and so the glow made for some nice ambiance—maybe enough to play in? Nah.

Is the whole incident reminiscent of anything?

Maybe this pre-March Madness game doesn't have as much at stake as, say, Super Bowl XLVII, but regardless, a weird pause for the game.

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