FSU QB Michelle Roque Continues to Absolutely Slay at Flag Football

Those flags couldn't be safer in Fort Knox.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 3 2015, 4:15pm

Being a flag football quarterback must be tough as hell. Your offensive line is completely obsolete, so you're constantly running—and how is anyone going to block for you if you decide to sneak? Oh, and you've also gotta think (maybe) about passing the ball. It takes a super human to handle it all, and that super human exists. Her name is Michelle Roque, and she's back with another video of her absolutely dismantling teams in the FSU sorority circuit.

Roque became famous a year ago when a video went viral of her ripping through four defenders for what looks like a full-field touchdown. Now we've been presented with an updated highlight reel for 2015, which proves that Roque has been doing this kind of thing on the regular ever since.

The production value has been upped by a certain James McGettrick credited at the end. There's also an unfortunate "That's the sexiest thing I've ever seen" comment and a bizarrely floating statement at the beginning saying, "If you have money, you can buy anything." But I digress. This highlight reel is primarily about flag football, and that flag football happens to be nasty. Seriously, Roque has the lateral speed of a foosball player, not to mention some kind of sixth sense about where her flags are at all times. It's unreal.

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