Dennis Rodman Thanks Craig Sager 'For Saving My Life' After a Chat at a Strip Club

Dennis Rodman went to Twitter to recall a time back in 1993 when Sager talked him out of suicide.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 16 2016, 8:22pm

Craig Sager tributes are coming from out of the woodwork today, as the NBA celebrates the life of the great sports reporter who passed away yesterday after his long battle with acute myeloid leukemia. And those remembrances are opening chapters of history on the league. Today, Dennis Rodman went to Twitter to recall a time back in 1993 when Sager talked him out of suicide—at a strip club, of all places.

Earlier this year, Sager told Sports Illustrated about going to Detroit's "Landing Strip" to talk to Rodman at a moment when Rodman was contemplating killing himself. "He had the gun," Sager told SI. "He was going to do it. I told him how stupid that would be."

The Pistons were the team that drafted Rodman in 1986, and were considering cutting the outlandish NBA star at the time, who was suspended twice for insubordination in his final year with the team.

"Those thoughts were going through my head. I just wanted to kill that individual. Not Dennis Rodman. I just wanted to kill that individual because I was too much of a follower," Rodman said in an interview with Graham Besinger in 2011. "The circumstances were the fact that everyone was dispersing from Detroit, I think that the organization start to get what it assumed key people to the team. And there was no more cohesion, as far as a family thing. So I was basically by myself, I thought. I didn't have no family there in Detroit."

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