Carlos Correa Proposed to His Girlfriend After Winning the World Series

The Astros shortstop just played the biggest game of his life. Emotions were high.
November 2, 2017, 2:14pm

My mother always told me not to propose to my girlfriend at a sports game. I dunno. I just think she thought the spectacle was too much. Maybe she thought my significant other wouldn't be all that into whatever dumb sports team I like. Then there's the whole JumboTron thing. It's a lot.

Well last night, some guy decided to use a game played by his favorite baseball team as the setting to propose a lifetime of romance to his girlfriend. Groan. But wait. That man was Carlos Correa, shortstop for the Houston Astros, crowned World Series champions just moments prior. That's a bit different.

It's unclear if Correa had planned the whole thing with FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal, but mid-interview, he took a pivot, said, "And right now, I'm about to take another big step in my life," dropped to one knee, and busted out a baseball-sized diamond to slip onto his girlfriend's finger.

The whole thing is a nice twist on a gentleman using his girlfriend's big moment to propose. And while yes, he's at work—and at a sports game—it's not like this is the water cooler at his accounting job, or him spilling a tray of nachos to get down on one knee in front of his season ticket-holding seat. He's a player, and when you put that much of yourself into the game, all emotions are on the table—including, and sometimes especially, love.

Yes, I was skeptical before clicking "play," dear reader. But behold: love, in an undeniably special moment. You can tell that his girlfriend—Daniella Rodriguez, the 2016 Miss Texas USA—was already ecstatic about his victory, and the whole thing put her over the top. Duh, she said yes. It's really sweet. (Not to mention the hilarious looks on the kids faces behind them as he proposed.)

After the game, according to ESPN, Correa said, "It doesn't get any better."

He continued:

"One of the clubbies, I talked to him in the ninth inning, and I'm like, 'I don't want to jinx anything, but if we get the three outs, please bring me the ring because I am going to get engaged in the ballpark.'"

"... I was planning if we were World Series champions, I was going to do it right there. I don't think that's a stage you can create; it just has to happen. And we were able to win tonight, so perfect timing for me to get engaged."

And you know what? I think even my mom would approve of that. Love is real, y'all.