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Weekly Horoscope: November 5 - 11

A new moon in Scorpio will bring lasting changes.

by Randon Rosenbohm
Nov 5 2018, 2:19pm

Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone

On Tuesday November 6, the sun harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of dissolution, at 1:41 AM, encouraging us to let go of grudges. Also on Tuesday, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, changes signs to reenter Aries at 1:50 PM, bringing up rebellious streaks we felt in late April/early May. On Wednesday, there is a purifying new moon in Scorpio at 11:02 AM, which will gently harmonize with power planet Pluto then square off with warrior planet Mars, encouraging us to make lasting changes that really stick. On Thursday, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters Sagittarius—the sign which it rules—encouraging a larger-than-life vision of our direction for the future. On Friday, Venus retrograde in Libra harmonizes with Mars in Aquarius at 10:12 AM, erasing obstacles related to love and money through positive action. On Sunday, the sun gently harmonizes with power planet Pluto at 10:18 AM, enabling us to complete breakthrough research and make transformative discoveries.

All times EST.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Interactions with close friends bring emotional solace early in the week, as the sun harmonizes with healing planet Neptune on Tuesday. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio allows you to take control over your life and surroundings, as well as how you come across to others. If you’re willing to do some introspection, self-discovery is available as this moon gently harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets, at 6:06 PM. Whatever you learn about yourself will better prepare you for challenges popping up at home on Thursday, when the new moon squares off with aggressive Mars. Jupiter has been giving you more than you can handle since last fall, and will now reach an energetic peak before blessing your house of personal finance on Thursday.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

You find relief from stress at the beginning of the week, when the sun harmonizes with nebulous Neptune on Tuesday to help you let go of worries and take care of yourself by spending time enjoying your home. The moon meets the sun on Wednesday for a new moon in Scorpio, occurring in your house of isolation and mental health. If you need to catch up on rest, this new moon will let you know it’s time to spend some relaxing time alone. On Thursday, lucky Jupiter enters Sagittarius, bringing you more opportunities than you know what to do with—exciting! Though you'll always want to say yes, be honest about your work load and avoid seeming flaky. Whatever happens, Jupiter will help you achieve your fullest potential.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Surprises at home repeat themselves on Tuesday as Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, reenters your house of domesticity. Because Uranus is retrograde, its energy is less intense; the shock is padded. When Uranus changes signs on Tuesday, rebellious stints from late April and early May of this year resurface. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio occurs in your house of social networks, inspiring you to feel emotionally invested in your community. As the new moon gently harmonizes with Pluto, you’re able to use this fresh emotional perspective to be more popular—which will, in turn, help you make more money. Any roadblocks keeping you from your paycheck dissipate on Friday when Venus harmonizes with action planet Mars across your houses of finance and career.


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

The new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday will have you feeling both sentimental about and proud of your highest achievements. This new moon will square off with action planet Mars in Aquarius, leaving you with a decision to make about your personal involvement in major projects at work. Jupiter, the planet of expansion which has been gracing your house of career since last November, changes signs on Thursday. For the next year, Jupiter will be in your house of social networks, encouraging you to rub elbows with new people from all walks of life. Aesthetic Venus will harmonize with warrior Mars on Friday, removing creative blocks that have held you back from being productive in your studies.


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

On Monday, the sun will harmonize with Neptune, the planet of illusions, creating a dreamy atmosphere that helps you overcome personal issues that held you back from exploring the world. The new moon on Wednesday occurs in your house of faraway travels and studies, giving you a refreshed energy towards expanding your perspective. If you’re open to spirituality, this new moon references a religious awakening, as it gently harmonizes with power planet Pluto to encourage you to discover the truths of social hierarchy—it also squares off with Mars to push you to tweak your personal philosophy. Your planetary ruler, expansive Jupiter, otherwise known as planetary Santa Claus, enters your house of career, bringing more opportunities to beef up your reputation over the next year than you can even imagine!


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

Uranus, the planet of rebellion, makes its retrograde way back into your sign on Tuesday. Its impact is padded, but think back to how you were acting out in late April or early May, and expect it to come back to haunt you for the rest of this year—as long as Uranus is sitting on that degree point. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio signifies a turning point—you're finally getting over something that’s been troubling you for a long time. New moons are emotional new beginnings, and this one occurs in your house of endings and transformation. If you’re having trouble getting over something, ask a parent or a mentor for advice as the moon gently harmonizes with Pluto.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

The sun in your house of relationships harmonizes with nebulous Neptune early Tuesday morning, putting you in a very empathetic state. On Tuesday afternoon, Uranus, the planet of surprises, reenters Aries. Uranus in Taurus has pushed you to rebel against whatever is holding you back, so much so that you're surprised how far you've ventured out of your comfort zone. On Wednesday, a new moon in your house of partnerships signifies a new emotional perspective in your relationships. During this new moon, you'll get in touch with what you want from your partnerships, and quickly figure out how to make it happen as the new moon squares off with action planet Mars on Thursday morning. Your choice will affect how you work.


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

On Monday, relief from all the hustle and bustle of Scorpio season comes when the sun harmonizes with nebulous Neptune, allowing your responsibilities to get a little blurry—a perfect time for you to take a step back and chill! New energy towards all of the work you’ve been doing since Scorpio season began comes with a Scorpio new moon on Wednesday. On Thursday, planet of expansion, Jupiter enters your house of partnerships, bringing you many opportunities to connect with other people and explore the corners of the world with them. If you’re already coupled during the year that Jupiter is in your partnerships sector, your feelings for them will grow exponentially!


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Rebellious Uranus reenters your house of career and reputation on Tuesday afternoon. To get an idea of what the planet of the unexpected may bring, think back to what was going on in your life in late April and early May, since Uranus will be retracing its steps. On Wednesday, there's a new moon in your house of creativity and dating. This is a great week to go out on a date (it can be a friend date!) and simply enjoy yourself—get in touch with what brings you joy and hold onto it forever. Expansive Jupiter enters your house of work, putting a load on your to-do list, but Jupiter is generous, and for the next year, your efforts will be met with a suitable payoff.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

On Tuesday, your planetary ruler, the Sun, harmonizes with nebulous Neptune, creating a peaceful home environment. There is a new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday in your house of family and domestic affairs. This is a week to get in touch with where you come from—it will give you insight into how your behaviors are informed, and keep you humble. Lucky Jupiter enters your house of dating and creativity, where it will stay for the next year and change, bringing you friends and lovers from around the world, as well as opportunities to travel with your close friends. Do a little gossiping on Sunday, as the sun will gently harmonize with power planet Pluto, cluing you into secrets that you can use to your advantage.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You will be able to beautifully communicate your empathy for others on Monday as the sun in your house of communication harmonizes with nebulous Neptune in your house of relationships. This empathy can help you overcome any grudges you’ve been holding onto. There is a new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday in your house of communication and writing, supplying you with a refreshed emotional perspective towards your inbox. Expansive Jupiter enters your house of domestic affairs on Thursday, beginning a year-long period of abundance in your home. Because it is ruled by globetrotting Sagittarius, this transit could manifest as moving to a new place, or allowing space in your living situation for travel via international apartment exchanges. Opportunities for expanding your worldview are available through your home life for the next year.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

On Tuesday afternoon, Uranus, the planet of surprises, reenters your house of partnerships, bringing up rebellious streaks in relationships that you may have experienced in early April or late May—which will keep coming up for the rest of 2018, at least. The new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday occurs in your house of personal finance, which brings a refreshed outlook on your money situation. Your house of personal finance is also your house of self-esteem, so you’re getting a deeper understanding of what you need to survive. Granted, Scorpio isn't the most materialistic sign, so you'll be thinking of the bare necessities. A new world of information becomes available when expansive Jupiter begins its year-long transit through Sagittarius on Thursday. Also on Thursday, your ruling planet Venus harmonizes with action planet Mars, creating a sexy energy that helps you loosen up.

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