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The Fifth Season of 'Arrested Development' Will Be a Murder Mystery

Jason Bateman says the show's upcoming fifth season will be a whodunit investigation about the death of Lucille Austero.

by River Donaghey
Jul 21 2017, 3:56pm

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix

Arrested Development is coming back next year, and this time, it's apparently taking some cues from Agatha Christie and Clue. Jason Bateman went on Entertainment Weekly Radio earlier this week to discuss the new fifth season and its plot: a murder mystery centered on the death of Lucille Austero, a.k.a. Lucille Two.

"The central spine of that story of is the death of Liza Minnelli's character, and a bit of whodunit, who may have done it, who had something to do with it," Bateman said during the interview. "That's sort of a central thread around which [creator Mitch Hurwitz] is going to braid in all the colorful plot complications that he knows how to do."

If you can't remember the end of the choose-your-own-adventure mess that was Arrested Development season four, here's a quick rundown: At some point during the big Cinco de Cuatro party, Lucille Two's body was found at the bottom of the stair car with the stairs splashed in blood. Police questioned the Bluths and arrested Buster in the season finale, even though Lucille's body has disappeared, so maybe she's not dead after all.

Besides that, there was also some convoluted love triangle between Michael, George Michael, and Ron Howard's daughter; Maeby sort of becomes a sex offender; GOB keeps feeding everyone forget-me-nows to complicate things; a Mongolian horde is mad or something—uh, maybe its best not to dig too deep. Even Bateman admitted that the fourth season's experimental structure was a bit of a bust.

"Ultimately, editorially, it didn't really come together as well as [Hurwitz] wanted it to," he told EW, "and then he had to dictate an order of watching, and it ended up being a little bit more complicated than I think one intended. But we're still very proud of those episodes obviously—and really excited that we get to be together in these."

Rumors have it that Mitch Hurwitz recut all of season four to feel more like Arrested Development, though who knows if the new versions will ever see an official release. In any case, the fifth season starts shooting this summer and hits Netflix next year, and we can finally figure out if anyone actually killed Lucille Two or if she just got a little dizzy and fell down the stairs.

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