Cultural Icons Reimagined as Striking Black Outlines

Even without color or discernible facial features, you can still recognize Wonder Woman and Micheal Jackson.

by Diana Shi
Jul 9 2017, 11:30am

Dramatic line figures draw out the beauty of some of music and film's most iconic celebrities. Israeli native and graphic artist Yoni Alter knows his way around a line in service of crafting a unique artistic vision. The artist consistently harnesses a strong opaque line to assert his own simple, but captivating, silhouettes and portraits. The artist currently works in London and is continually working on his extensive Shapes of Cities series, in which he forms replicas of well-known metropolitan centers in translucent and colorful shades. Alter shares with Creators that his work strives to focus on the "viewers' perception, representation, semiotics, abstraction and deconstruction of iconic visuals."

Check out more work from Yoni Alter on his online web shop, website, and Instagram.


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Michael Jackson
Wonder Woman
Israeli artist
Yoni Alter​