Andrelton Simmons Makes Magical Barehanded Catch After Glove Bungle

The Angels shortstop sure made himself look good with a barehanded snag against the Cleveland Indians last night.

Sep 21 2017, 2:02pm

Screen capture via MLB

Sometimes, it takes fucking up to make things look pretty. It's like a spin on the old adage that you're your only real obstacle in life: sometimes you can be your own hype man.

Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons is usually an ace defender, but this play—in the first inning last night against the Indians—seemed to be more slippery than others. Leaning back to make the grab, he misjudged the angle by just enough that the ball shot off his glove like a greased pig, suspending the ball right over his chest. He did this kind of wonderful, falling-back Matrix-y slow-mo kind of mid-air reassessment of the ball and managed to pluck the ball from right in front of him like a ripe apple.

Now if only Simba could have caught his dad while falling, we'd all be in a lot better shape. Mufasa could've used those hands.