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Turns Out The Band that Wrote “Terryfold” for 'Rick and Morty' Are Really, Really Good

Chaos Chaos’ “Dripping With Fire” video portrays the complicated beauty of sisterhood

by Devin Pacholik
Sep 28 2017, 6:47pm

Photo via Youtube

Rick and Morty fans are no doubt familiar with the ethereal music of Chaos Chaos. Formerly known as Smoosh, the New York-based pop duo is made up of sisters Asy and Chloe Saavedra, and their breakout song for the show was "Do You Feel It?" POTENTIAL SPOILERS, the emotionally charged hit became the perfect song to accent grampa Rick's spiral into depression after dating a collective consciousness during season two. Chaos Chaos continues to work with Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Recently, the sisters helped Roiland pen the hilarious Billboard-charting "Terryfold."

While it's abundantly clear Chaos Chaos can play to the morbid comedy of Rick and Morty, the band also happens to be, well, damn good at making art. Their latest video for "Dripping With Fire" is a surreal dive into themes like sisterhood, estrangement and growing older. Directed by Stephanie Dimiskovski with photography direction by Steven Rico, the video is stunning. In a written statement to Noisey, the band said, "We wanted to shed light on a more true sisterhood by recalling the memorabilia of damaging [and healing] as the somewhat conflicted foundation of sisterhood." Each posed scene, like dioramas of the Saavedras' personal life and emotions, takes viewers into another world. The song is from a full-length album the band is planning to release in early 2018.

Noisey reached out to Chaos Chaos to talk about "Dripping With Fire" and their rise as a band. During the phone interview, Asy and Chloe touched on the meaning behind the song. They also talked about their unique experiences as artists, including working on shows like Yo Gabba Gabba! and Rick and Morty. Watch Chaos Chaos'"Dripping With Fire" and read the interview below.

NOISEY: What's "Dripping with Fire" about?
Asy: For me, this is probably my favourite song off the record. It's the one I feel the best about. I don't want to say it's a perfect song, but it was the best one to write. Somehow it felt easy or the process was natural. The video was cool. I never thought we would do a video like that about sisterhood. I feel like we've had a slightly unusual upbringing, and we've been really close with our two younger sisters. We've never thought about involving that in our art. It's the first time we've done that. For this album in general, we've usually kept this barrier up with things about us we didn't fully understand or want to project.

The video directed by Stephanie Dimiskovski is very dreamlike but also deals with themes like estrangement along with sisterhood. What was it like filming?
Chloe: It was interesting timing because we'd just moved to LA and it was this strange parting of summer and also parting of our family. We'd seen them a lot that summer. School was starting and then we were going across the country. It was as much a thing we did for a band and also for our sisters. It felt like a very natural and fun thing to do. It was cool to work with [the director,] Stephanie. It was interesting how she thinks about art and feminism. We wanted to the video to capture who we are. It was a total collaboration. It's kind of emotional watching it and thinking about my sisters and growing older.
Asy: We talked about it being about sisterhood. It was this unknown, unspoken thing that it was going to be weird. We didn't know how, but I think we all knew. Most of the scenes were choreographed to be set up around natural interactions. It's a little exaggerated in parts, like where we're fighting, but we're accepting this strange and weird part of sisterhood.

It's a beautiful song and video. I think it's gorgeous and captures the sweet weirdness of being a sibling.
Asy and Chloe: Thank you.

It's nice to see this side of your work. What many fans know you for is something else that is totally incredible. Of course, i'm talking about when Smoosh played "Pajama Party Time" on the show Yo Gabba Gabba!
Asy: [Laughs] Yeah. that's a shift in gears.

Could you describe the ultimate pajama party?
Asy: I have this weird thing where I don't actually own pajamas. I have never remembered to pack them so I don't think I've been part of a pajama party.
Chloe: What are you talking about, Asy!? You don't have pajamas but you will wear your robe that's like ten years old, and you wear it inappropriately throughout the day.
Asy: [Laughs] I've been exposed.

Wow. Exclusive. I think we've really nailed the sisterhood theme just now.
Asy: Wow. I couldn't get away with it.

Follow-up: What is your favourite species of amoeba under the genus your band name comes from. Maybe just name to two or three. I know we could sit here and name amoebas all day.
Asy: Pick three!? [Laughs] Chloe's got this one.
Chloe: [Laughs] I'm not going to pretend I know amoebas, but the chaos amoeba is a single-celled organism so big you can see it with the naked eye. It was a funny scientific name. I just think it's funny when scientists get excited and come up with these names. Like, "It's so big! It's total chaos!"

Speaking of being amazed by science, tell me what a "Terryfold" is.
Chloe: [Laughs] It's a species of amoeba.
Asy: Oh my god. Maybe we were way more on brand than we thought.
Chloe: Yeah, this science thing just won't go away. For an accurate definition of a terryfold, you have to go to Urban Dictionary.
Asy: Is there actually a definition?
Chloe: I think there's just weird Urban Dictionary questions where people just ask, "What the fuck is a terryfold?"
Asy: The more we try to explain the "Terryfold" thing, the less sense it makes. It grew from this crazy collaboration. Weird things happen whenever we collaborate with the Rick and Morty people [and] Justin Roiland. It's cool the show is open to having these musical projects and involve us.

Speaking as a Rick and Morty fan, you've probably realized how obsessive the fanbase is.
Asy: [Laughs] Yes, they are.
Chloe: [Laughs] They are very into their Rick and Morty.

Do you think Rick and Morty fans deserve a wedgie?
*long silence on the line.*
Asy: Oh god. I feel like this is dangerous.
Chloe: I think they would like it or something.
Asy: [Laughs] They would probably enjoy a collective wedgie.

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