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Our Place Of Worship Is Silence's New LP Redefines Death Metal Darkness

Stream the Los Angeles death metal duo's savage, uncompromising new LP, 'With Inexorable Suffering.'

by Kim Kelly
Apr 10 2018, 4:42pm

Photo by Richard Torres 

Our Place Of Worship Is Silence is the latest effort from a small cadre of extreme metal creatives who've been wreaking havoc across California since the early 2000s. Formed in 2014, the project asserted its dominance early with a rough-edged 2015 demo and ensuing full-length that set the stage for their current incarnation as emissaries of sepulchral, agonizing death. Drummer Tim and guitarist Eric share vocal duties and imbue their compositions with the kind of existential dread that hangs over the best kind of death metal, eschewing blood and guts for a more cosmic, destructive focus. The band's latest transgression, With Inexorable Suffering, is due out April 13 via Translation Loss Recordings, and will scratch any itch you've got for dark, uncompromising metal of death down to the fucking bone.

The band deals in the kind of fetid, backward-facing death that we've come to expect from the underground post-2010, replete with shuddering riffs, mouldering roars, blackened malevolence, and an overall vibe of churning, oozing chaos that's perhaps an unintentional (but welcome) relic of the progenitors' time spent playing in black metal bands like Lake of Blood and Doctorshopper [Full disclosure: I did PR for a Lake of Blood album back in 2011, which is how I became properly acquainted with Eric and Tim's work]. It's a monster of an album, and has obviously been crafted with the utmost evil intent.

“This album is not meant nor written for the faint of heart," the band said in a written statement to Noisey. "It aurally bleeds and sweats of utter contempt start to finish and there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel. Anguish is the only harmony found within each of these compositions and mercy will not be granted while absorbing this record. For those seeking extremities beyond common dribble... welcome.”

Listen to With Inexorable Suffering below, and preorder the album from Translation Loss here (and if you're curious about the band's earlier offerings, you can find those here).

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