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Celebrate the Babadook and Other LGBTQ Icons at Pride This Month

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by Impact Staff
Jun 9 2017, 2:50pm

Image by Aaron Barksdale

Today we learned: To date, there has never been a black woman to serve as governor for any state in the history of the United States. It's a surprising fact, but given our nation's past and present issues of contending with racism and misogyny it's not all that shocking. Georgia House Minority Leader of the Democratic Party Stacey Abrams is ready to make history as the first the black woman to serve in the state's executive office.

Seven years ago, Abrams became the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and first black politician to lead in the House of Representatives. The election isn't until November 6, 2018, but get to know your candidates early so you're informed at the polls.

Bonjour: Last week President Trump withdrew the US from the Paris climate agreement, and local states and cities are now doing their part to protect the environment since it's clearly not a priority for the feds. On Tuesday, Hawaii became the first state -- hopefully of many to come -- to pass a law that aligns with climate agreement. So far, 13 states have pledged to follow the accords of the climate agreement, but Hawaii is the first to make something that is legally official. If you're ready for your town or city to join the cause of environmental protection, tell your mayor you're ready for them to commit to 100 percent clean energy.

Worst defense ever: Former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress yesterday about the details of investigation he led on Trump Administration's ties to Russia before he was fired, and "Lordy" was it interesting good. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is rushing to the defense of the president, basically saying Trump can't be held accountable for his incompetence because he doesn't he know any better. "He's new at government," Ryan said. "Therefore I think he is learning as he goes." Trump was surprisingly quiet on Twitter during the hearing, but the morning after he had something to say.

However, one can't help but point out the fact that very little of this has to do with many of the underlying issues many Americans are dealing with. Whether it's health care, employment or education, lots of people are hurting and it has very little to do with Comey or Russia.

Big Upset in the UK: The UK election ended in a hung parliament, which means that there isn't a clear winner. Not a single party gained a clear majority, and it's a huge blow for current Prime Minister Teresa May. May called the election three years earlier than the law requires in an effort to reshape the government to solidify her party's majority, but it backfired.

Now Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has a significant amount of seats in Parliament, and there are calls for May to resign. But just because there's a hung Parliament doesn't mean that's what's going to happen. If a singular party can't reach 326 seats on its own than they can form a coalition with a smaller party. Right now nothing is certain, and Brits could really use some stability after a year of Brexit talks and back-to-back terror attacks in less than a month.

Something to celebrate: This weekend is Pride in the nation's capital. There are three major events happening that prove the activist spirit of Pride is alive and well. Friday, June 9 is Trans Lobby Day where members of the National Center for Transgender Equality will be fighting to advance trans-inclusive policies. The events of the day will culminate with the Rally for Transgender Equality at 5:30 pm in the Upper Senate Park.

Saturday, June 10 from 4:30-7:30 pm, is the Capital Pride parade, which will be bedazzled with queer people of every shape, size, and gender in an all inclusive turn-up. Finally, on Sunday, June 11 from 10:00 am-2:00 pm there's the Equality March for Unity and Pride on the National Mall where will protest the injustices against gender and sexual minorities. There are more events happening, so stay in the know with what's going on in the area and hope to see you out and about at a Pride event near you.