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Watch a Nintendo Switch Survive a Fall From 1,000 Feet

Nintendo continues to be impossibly durable.

by Samantha Cole
May 31 2017, 8:28pm

Here we have the latest in Nintendo Switch stress tests: a drop from a drone flying at 1,000 feet.

Five-foot drops are for the weak-willed. True stress tests should include the scenario where you're flinging the Switch from your 90th-story building. Extreme-height stress tests are one specialty of YouTube account UnlockRiver, which has dropped several generations and brands of cellphones from drones—all backed by inspirational pop music. The Switch is the first gaming system they've chucked from a drone.

On impact, the system seems to explode into a million pieces of blue plastic bits, but on closer recovery, it turns out the thing survived. Of course, the notoriously shitty left Joycon is the one that's obliterated on impact, with only the connector rail still attached to the body. But the Switch still turns on and works with the right controller.

So now we know the Switch will survive attacks from a psychotic toddler with a boxcutter, a trip up your own butt, and a fall from 1,000 feet. Do with this information what you will.