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Sheer Mag Shared the Title Track from Their New Album and It's a Banger

"Need to Feel Your Love" is another new song from the Philadelphia band's debut album, due July 14.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jun 6 2017, 4:03pm

Man, I love Sheer Mag—to be real with you, I don't know how you can't love a band which wears its Neil Young worship and DIY punk credentials as twin badges of honor. After years of delivering some of the best rock currently happening in the world on various EPs, the Philly rockers last month finally announced a date for their debut album (July 14, FYI). Today they've shared the LP's title track "Need to Feel Your Love," and—huge surprise—it's a banger.

Slightly more downbeat than what we've previously heard from the band, the track doesn't scrimp on their signature guitar twang and complex riff-ery, which is offset pretty damn perfectly by Tina Halliday's always-gutsy and soulful vocal. In a statement about the track, Halliday said that it's about "when you the point of a romantic relationship and you feel as if you have done everything to give that person a chance to make the most out of it and you are at the breaking point and you NEED them to do something more, even if you don't exactly know that is." Because just when you thought Sheer Mag couldn't get any better, they hit you with that relatable shit too.

Listen above, and send "Need to Feel Your Love" to your dad too, because I'm pretty sure he's gonna love it almost as much as me.

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