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Someone Is Trying to Sell a Zoo on Craigslist

"Only 350K !!!"

by Anna Langston
Apr 21 2017, 8:11pm

For just $350,000, one lucky animal lover could become the new owner of a Florida zoo, according to a recent Craigslist ad offering up the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park.

According to the ad, the ten-acre park in Crestview, Florida, comes equipped with 90 different animals including multiple breeds of tigers, an African lion, a few wolves, baboons, patas monkeys, otters, some lemurs, and at least one sloth. You'll also get a gift shop, a tractor, a golf cart, and a fully trained staff of zookeepers so you won't have to recruit your friends and relatives to keep the animals in their cages.

According to the zoo's chairman and president, Bill Anderson, before the site became a refuge, it was a roadside attraction called the Sasquatch Zoo. But by 2013, the owners were having trouble maintaining the upkeep for 100 exotic animals. That's when new owners swooped in, cleaned the place up, and launched a major effort to make sure the existing animals were healthy. Now, they're in need of a new owner. 

"We've spent an awful lot of time getting those critters happy and healthy, updating habitats and providing them with a quality place to live. I think our zoo is in the best shape it's ever been," Anderson told the Ocala Star Banner. 

Although it's not entirely clear why the refuge went the Craigslist route, Anderson said he's not interested in handing over the zoo to just any old fat cat with the right funds.

"We're looking for somebody who shares our passion for the welfare of the animals at the zoo," he told the Verge. "We want somebody with the financial means to be able to keep the zoo on the upward trend. Not only in terms of animal healthcare, veterinarian care, but continual upgrade of habitats."

Whatever the reason, it just goes to show that you truly can find some seriously good deals online