Pedro Martinez Has Been Playing Dress Up In His Old Uniforms

Pedro Martinez is doing a farewell tour on Twitter and dressing up in all the old uniforms from the teams he played on over the years.

by Sean Newell
Jan 21 2015, 4:40pm

This is actually kind of sweet, in a weird, action figure-y way. Pedro Martinez, no stranger to playing dress up, has been donning old uniforms of the teams he's played for and tweeting pictures thanking the respective fanbases for supporting him throughout his career.

Here he is in a Montreal Expos uniform:

And a Mets uniform, "I love ya too!!!!"

The Red Sox, naturally:

And finally, the Phillies:

Pedro was feted in the Dominican Republic with parades and parties after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and this is a pretty cool way of saying thanks for everything. Sure, it's just a picture of a guy in a uniform, but Pedro Martinez was hanging around his house getting into and out of his old uniforms--cleats and all--and shouting out fans for each team. A weird scene, to be sure, but also a nice little gesture.