Jon Stewart Kicks Seth Rollins in the Nuts on 'Monday Night Raw'


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Jon Stewart Kicks Seth Rollins in the Nuts on 'Monday Night Raw'

Jon Stewart was on Monday Night Raw and kicked Seth Rollins right in the nuts. Like a real wrestler!
March 3, 2015, 3:51am

Jon Stewart has had a running feud with Seth Rollins building and it all came to a head tonight on Monday Night Raw. And Stewart really sold it! There was an impromptu Daily Show setup in the ring with Rollins serving as host, Stewart shamelessly playing up to his hometown New Jersey crowd like a good face, and a wrestling classic: the low blow.

After Rollins got sick of Stewart running his mouth, he began to manhandle him and that's when we got another wrestling classic: the save from a wrestler in the back. Randy Orton appeared and Stewart took the opportunity to kick Rollins right in the nuts and provided our final wrestling classic: the scoot out of the ring to safety.

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