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Kidnap Kid Pairs Desolation with Romance on Pensive New Single

"Mist" is off his forthcoming 'Brokenhearted' EP.

by Alexander Iadarola
Sep 29 2016, 1:50pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Sheffield-born, London-based producer Kidnap Kid has shared a pensive new track "Mist" off the Brokenhearted EP, forthcoming on his own imprint Birds That Fly. The track samples French director Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 science fiction drama Alphaville, continuing the producer's obsession with the film that he previously explored on the 2012 EP of the same name. "Mist" evokes Godard's ambiance of gritty desolation alongside a sense of romantic gloominess. "Mist" isn't all one-note, though: the producer manages to find room for chromatic vibrancy within its greyscale sound palate, helped along by dynamic recordings of chamber music instruments.

The producer gave THUMP some backstory for the track via email. "Mist is the second installment of my love affair with Alphaville," he said. "I've waited for four years to go back and finally the mood felt right." We've been fans of Kidnap Kid at THUMP for a few years now; back in 2014 we were lucky enough to commission an entry in our MIXED BY series from the British artist.

Birds That Fly will release Brokenhearted on October 28.

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