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Solar Bears Announce Their Break up with a Psychedelic Final Track

"Across Yesteryear" is a gloomy folk tune.

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 4 2016, 8:45pm

Release artwork by Michael Robinson

After eight fruitful years producing tracks together as Solar Bears, the Irish duo of John Kowalski and Rian Trench have announced today that they have ended the project, sharing a gloomy final track as a parting gift for their fans. Working in a psychedelic folk template, "Across Yesteryear" sounds like a despondent goodbye addressed nowhere in particular, diffusing through the sonic field like a fog. Although its tone might be bleak, the clarity of the fine songwriting gives the song a technical brightness that balances the mood, before it ends in a long fade-out.

The band gave THUMP a statement about their breakup and the track via email. "We have decided to call it a day after 8 years together," they said. "Thank you to everyone that listened and came to see us play. Major love to Planet Mu, Sunday Best and Littlebig for believing in us."

Solar Bears released their third and final LP Advancement this year; they paid homage to science fiction film scores on its single "Gravity Calling."

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