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Seven Hard and Fast Heaters We've Been Burning Out This Week

Featuring Teki Latex, John Talabot, Girl Unit and Inkke.

by Angus Harrison
Jul 22 2016, 2:58pm

So it's been really hot this week, hasn't it? Everybody's been wearing shorts and eating three Cornettos an hour and trying to work outside even though they can't see their laptop screens for the glare. The natural reflex, when the sun has got his fucking hat on, is to fill a playlist with balmy balearic edits—music to sit by a pool and slowly melt to. Well we've done the opposite. Here are the seven hardest and fastest things we could find from the past seven days of new music. This includes new stuff from Equinoxx, Girl Unit on Night Slugs, John Talabot and Pional's Lost Scripts moniker, and Snow Bone on Lobster Theremin. Then there's the dark-room rumbles of Inkke's recent Rinse FM show with LuckyMe, and a Teki Latex mix so hard and fast he's called it the Hard and Fast Mix. Oh, and alright, if you make it through all of that, then you can have Kiwi's cover of Carmen's funk classic "Throw Down" courtesy of Optimo.

1. Equinoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up

2. Girl Unit - Queen B

3. Lost Scripts - A.F.K.

4. Snow Bone - Neon X


6. Teki Latex - Hard & Fast Mix For Overdrive Infinity

7. Kiwi - ThrowDown

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