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Here’s What Happens When Three Pounds of Molten Lead is Mixed with Coke

Is it art?

by Jordan Valinsky
Jun 10 2015, 8:02pm

The internet has an insatiable thirst for watching shit get destroyed. This time, the contents of a Coca-Cola can transforms into a debatable piece of "art" when it's combined with three pounds of molten lead.

Jeff Heeszel, a walking science experiment better known by his Taofledermaus channel on YouTube, fired up his $20 camp stove. He admits that he doesn't do reviews, but to prove how powerful the stove is, he lit up three pounds of lead and melted it down at 621° F.

Obviously the next logical step is to "dump a whole bunch" of Coca-Cola in and see what happens! Well, nothing exploded and even Heeszel admits "something unexpected" happened: a piece of art?

He claims it looks like Vincent Van Gogh's iconic "Starry Night."