With ‘Ludicrous Mode,’ Tesla Model S Goes 0-60 in 2.8 seconds

Tesla’s also working on a new roadster model.

Jul 17 2015, 8:58pm

Photo courtesy of Tesla Motors

Announced at a July 17 press conference, a new option for the Model S called "Ludicrous Mode" is so fast it'll pin you to your seatback with 1.1 Gs of force.

Compared to the older "Insane Mode"—where you can already go from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds—Tesla's "Ludicrous Mode" has shaved the acceleration time to 2.8 seconds, putting it up there with the McLaren P1. CEO Elon Musk says "it's like having your own private rollercoaster."

This extra feature is not just available for new buyers—previous Model S owners can have it installed, too, but it'll run you a couple grand. There is also a new, extended-life battery pack available, but this is intended mostly for new buyers. (Musk recommends current owners not to bother purchasing the upgrade.) Speaking of new buyers, they'll find that the lowest-end version of the S is $5,000 cheaper than it was previously, but the tricked-out version is $10,000 more.

Tesla also hinted at a sleek new roadster coming in four years, which promises to be even faster. Tesla's only currently available model is the Model S, but it's launching its first SUV (the Model X) in a few months.

Regardless of SpaceX's recent setbacks, Musk certainly knows what he's doing when it comes to cars. Despite its crazy acceleration time, Tesla's Model S also has the highest safety rating in the country. Hopefully, this kind of top-notch safety will become more affordable as time goes on, because $5,000 isn't enough of a price cut for the average citizen.