RECENT HISTORY: The Week Guns Moved a Whole Lot Closer to Sentience

Also: water on Mars, true NSA romance, Al Gore doomsaying.

Sep 29 2013, 11:10pm

Each week, Motherboard turns back to examine its recent history.

Atlantis, basically the Facebook of online black markets, shuts down. Meanwhile, the Silk Road lives to hide your shady transactions another day.

In a Motherboard interview, Al Gore lays it down: civilization might just be doomed. The newest IPCC climate report backs him up. Also: a compendium of things scientists are less sure of than climate change, like that cigarettes kill people.

Happy 15th, Google. Here's every Google doodle ever, compiled into one GIF. (Bonus: the North Korea-China nuclear trade war in a single GIF.)

A brief history of finding water on Mars.

In our newest documentary, "Long Shot," MBTV heads to the frontlines of smart-weapons. The future is never having to aim.

Why BlackBerry's best hope is building an anti-surveillance smartphone.

The fossil fuel economy is officially cool again.

 A greatest hits of excuses given by NSA employees for spying on their love interests.