Chiefs' 346-Pound Dontari Poe throws “Bloated Tebow” TD pass, Does What Refrigerator Perry Couldn't

"Three touches, three touchdowns," Poe said. "A hundred percent, baby."

by Dave Brown
Dec 26 2016, 4:55pm

Mike Ditka and the Chicago Bears of 30 years ago only dreamed of using William "The Refrigerator" Perry similar to how the Kansas City Chiefs of today use Dontari Poe—a 346-pound defensive tackle who threw a touchdown pass Sunday night.

Poe's two-yard jump-pass to Demetrius Harris late in the fourth quarter capped the scoring in a 33-10 victory against the Denver Broncos that knocked the reigning Super Bowl champs out of 2016 playoff picture. But more important, it embellished Poe's legendary status in coach Andy Reid's offense. Poe is responsible for three offensive touchdowns on three touches since 2015, including his Tim Tebow-esque jump pass to Harris. He also has two rushing scores, though with one of them, against the Raiders in October, Poe received a lateral pass from quarterback Alex Smith.

Thanks to Poe's pass against the Broncos, he's definitely become a triple threat, which doesn't even count his contribution on defense, where he has made two Pro Bowl teams. Reid, who dubbed Poe's score against the Raiders, "Hungry Pig Right," called Poe's completion to Harris a "Bloated Tebow Pass":

Fridge Perry became a sensation in 1985 for weighing 335 pounds while carrying, receiving, and spiking the ball after scoring touchdowns—but Perry never threw a pass, even if it was in the works. The Bears always said with a straight face that Perry was a legitimate offensive threat and not just as a gimmick, but it was hard to take them at face value. Poe boasting an offensive threat might not be as laugh-out-loud funny to the same degree as Perry (it helps that he's in better shape) but Poe looks a lot more natural out there executing the plays. Heck, he looks as natural as Tebow executing the plays.

There's a line in the 'hit' 1985 'rap' track "Super Bowl Bowl Shuffle" where Perry says "When kick and pass we'll have more fun." Well, kicking is all that's left for Poe at this point.

Via the Kansas City Star, Poe said he was in Reid's ear about getting a chance to play offense, "like a true offensive player would be."

"Three touches, three touchdowns," Poe said. "A hundred percent, baby."

Perry never did that, finishing with 10 touches and four TDs in his career. Impressive, but also imperfect.