Twins Scoreboard Was Announcing Trades That Hadn't Actually Happened

Don't believe everything you read during the trade deadline—even stuff you see at stadium scoreboards.

by Dave Brown
Jul 29 2016, 8:13pm

The Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline is a treacherous time for reporters and studious fans who stake out Twitter for the latest rumors, rumors of rumors and done deals. In these moments before Monday afternoon when the buzzer sounds, it's easy to jump to conclusions at what's being whispered, or to even fall for bald-faced fallacies published on fake Twitter accounts perpetrated by cyber anarchists. Watch out for the fake Ken Rosenthals of the world, people (with "@Kenrosenthai" being the best ever).

This goes for scoreboards at major league ballparks as well. As SB Nation's Twinkie Town reported, one of the scoreboards at Target Field was duped Thursday night into re-publishing an automatic feed from that included this post by columnist Jim Duquette about hypothetical trades. At the time, Twinkie Town took note and said this on Twitter:

Beltran, to the Indians? He could help! Twinkie Town's report — which was the truth, that the Target Field scoreboard was reporting trades, and that the Yankees had continued their sell-off — made everyone watching excited. Ooh, trades! The Indians themselves seemed receptive to Beltran.

Everyone wanted to believe. But it was just Duquette (brother of Dan, by the way), riffing on what might happen. But there was no way for anyone sitting in the stands at Target Field to know that, unless they had just read their Duquette primer. So, check out what they were showing the good people of Minneapolis with no context:

FYI: The Twins scoreboard in to way prefaced any of this as not actual trades.
— Twinkie Town (@TwinkieTown) July 29, 2016

The folks at eventually put two and two together, though:

Not real. Yet, anyway. Instead, a real valuable lesson (again) to not believe everything that you read, especially at the trade deadline. And as for you, Twins scoreboard that will apparently read everything put on the TelePrompTer:

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