Did A Reporter ask Tim Sherwood if he Would Still be Managing when his "Dick's Out?"

Tim Sherwood misheard a question in a post-match press conference that turned into a good old dick joke.

by Sean Newell
Aug 29 2015, 5:58pm

No! But Tim Sherwood thought that's what he was being asked and it made for a delightful little moment in a post-match press conference with the Aston Villa manager. Villa and Sunderland played to a 2-2 draw today at Villa Park and after the match Sherwood was asked if he thought he'd still be managing when he was Sunderland manager Dick Advocaat's age.

Sherwood evidently heard a different question—one premised on leaving the coaching ranks once your penis sneaks out of your trousers and bathes in the sun—and everyone had a good laugh about it. Eventually Sherwood regained his composure and answered the actual question, while stroking Dick Advocaat's ego a bit.

h/t 101 Great Goals

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