BYU's Mascot Throws Down a Triple Decker Dunk

The mighty cougar pounces upon the net.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Oct 29 2015, 11:04pm

BYU's mascot Cosmo might be the only person cougar in the world who could throw down a dunk on (MTV) Rock N' Jock's legendary, elevated 25-point hoop. But a regulation hoop will have to suffice.

Stacked atop some plainclothes'd nobodies, the magnificent BYU cougar bravely leaned forward to throw down a skillful—though, in retrospect, terrifying—jam on a hoop that at best reaches Cosmo's ankles. The response is duly rapturous.

Easy, huh? Just lean and aim, you say? Now try it with a giant mask on your head. You tell me how that goes after trying to simply walk around in your halloween costume this weekend, huh?