Beyoncé's Christmas Card Is Here to Inspire Your Seasonal Thirst Trap

To be real, I didn't know an Instagram post could be a Christmas card but what Bey says goes.

by Lauren O'Neill
Dec 20 2016, 2:24pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Because she loves her fans uniquely and individually, like any omniscient and benevolent being might, Beyoncé has sent us all a Christmas card. Isn't that lovely? She is so thoughtful (although next time maybe some monogrammed towels or personalized fruit baskets might work? Just an idea).

The only thing is, it's not actually a physical card. It's actually just a montage of photographs of her and her tastefully decorated home, shared via her preferred social medium of Instagram. But if Beyoncé says it's a card, it is absolutely a card. And what a card it is!

It features snaps of Beyoncé dressed as the sexiest reindeer I personally have ever seen—after all, Rudolph is not generally spotted wearing bodycon—as well as her multiple Christmas trees that probably cost more than your entire flat, one of which features Lemonade-themed decorations, presumably to remind Jay Z not to get any ideas above his station. It's all soundtracked by Tamar Braxton's superlative 2003 R&B version of the Christmas classic "Sleigh Ride", and if you are anything like me, it will get you in the spirit to post seasonal thirst traps to your social media platform of choice. Happy holidays!

Watch Beyoncé's Christmas card below:

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(Image via Beyoncé on Instagram)